Welcome to Flames™ – Where Color & Fire Are The Honored Currencies

In a world of transient fads and disposable culture, we create Art & Fire from eternal metals and gems as old as the Earth itself. We take ancient jewels and recycle precious metals to craft items that endure and are forever.

We source rough and cut gemstones, cut each from rough or recut to exacting standards in our own factories and release their inner fire. We craft jewelry in the traditions of time-honored techniques and complex skilled craftsmanship. Each piece reflects Old World type crafts that elevated fine jewelry from the realm of mere ornamentation to that of wearable Art.

Our lapidaries and goldsmiths and take pride in hand-creating durable enjoy-for-a-lifetime jewels that are ‘anti-disposable-fashion’, and scintillatingly colorful amalgams of brilliantly crafted gems, gold and diamond.

meet flames

brilliant. precious. unique. fine colored gemstones and diamonds. enduring and forever.


We accurately disclose on all our pieces of jewelry, all colored gems and all diamonds, their qualities.

This includes clarity grading of diamonds and gems under their two respective systems¹, disclosing treatment types of diamonds and gems², and purity of precious metals and even the make-up of the alloys when needed³. 

We Guarantee

Flames designs

look behind the scenes at the creation of high jewelry. see art and craft meld the color, diamond and gold.


Kaleidoscopic colors in natural sapphire. Bright, vivid displays of light and magic.


all is not what it seems

We create and provide 100% original written content, videos, images and photomicrographs that are factually and gemologically accurate, that are not copied from anyone. 

In an era where online inaccuracies become shared and amplified, we provide the Learn and Notes sections as accurate explanatory resources based on our experiences as industry gemologists in one of the world’s largest gem markets.

In our hyper-connected world where everyone has a smart-phone and an internet connection, Facebook and Instagram have become the lowest-barrier-to-entry in terms of instant potential-client reach.

Many of the gem and jewelry images on social-media are heavily filtered and clumsily color adjusted in apps simply to garner more “likes”. As a consequence, many of the posts are little more than ‘gem-porn’, detached from the product’s actual quality-reality and posted by people who are not professional, and that have often never even seen what they post.

What our clients say

touch to reveal ...

My wife had wanted a certified natural ruby for over 10 years, and being able to give her one made her so happy.

Douglas Silva

Thank you for the beautiful tanzanite pendant, and for answering so many questions.

Tim Griffith

Great support. I asked so many questions we thought Flames would get bored of us. But they were excellent.

Roy Cook

We purchased a 1.64CT unheated ruby ring and it appraised well over 3 times what we paid for – over $21,000.

Jan Fields

I bought my daughter a tourmaline pendant for her graduation — this is her “forever” gift from Mom that she will always have around her.

Carroll White

Wow! What a stone. So beautiful! It will make a stunning pendant. Thanks very much FlamesJewelry.

Joel Vega